Gone and Goodbye …

My ex-dad [because my parrents are divorced] has just passed away about 3 hours ago. I’m now being asked IF if i should attend “his” funeral?! * I’d talk about it once I’m ready, so don’t ask!

Just pray for Mummy because I’m quite worried for her. She’s just keeping quiet and not wanting to talk about it too. Just hope that you’ll understand.

FYI: ‘he’s’ A christian. [heard from my aunty that he accepted christ a few days before he died]



7 years after his death, here I am writing about how I feel. Honestly, after being separated from my dad for a good 23 years of my life, the memories of him are vague but I can finally say I have forgiven him and that there isn’t any good even if I were to harbor over what he hasn’t done for me as a father but rather reminisce what he has done for me then. It isn’t quite an easy journey to how I got here in terms of forgiveness, good to also know that I no longer cringe at the mention of Dad which is such a milestone for me. I’m glad I got to where I am right now and will definitely treasure it. No better way than to treat Mom even better while I had an absent earthly father (but 1 in heaven who is always on a lookout for me) but she quickly filled in the role of that. She had an absent husband whom I could not provide that love then but will do so in the coming years for my mom.

Love you Mom!!


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