I Heart My Son

Introducing to all of you, my son; POOCHAAI! My first born, in sleek, tender black!

He’s quite sturdy for being such a baby, and as a proud mom, I’ve been showering all love upon him!
And I’m glad that I made the choice of getting him!
YAY to more music and double YAY to more videos!!

My only wish is that I would be a great mom to ‘feed’ him with loads of ‘food’ (uploading of music) and probably get new clothes for him every now and then (change of silicon cases; funky colours).

And I hope my son would grow to be one successful kid who brings joy and laughter to everyone around him! Hahahahaha! Btw Poochaai means boy in thai and his nick name is ah chaai!!

him peeking at me while mom is busy at the office

back home

how he looks like

things that accompanied him

mom’s first grip on him


finally, a proud mom


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