2009 and beyond

I’ve been good these days, saying my prayers every night before I sleep, reading His word, this not really on a daily basis, but I try. It’s these moments before you head to bed, to actually calm and reflect, not only about what happened during the day, but more of outlook of what has happened and what might be in future.
I like how each night feels after ‘running  through’ the day with thought, very good for the mind.

As I look back, 2008 hasn’t been really that great, I guess because it was where transitions were the basis of all, I wouldn’t say that it sucked badly, but neither was it worth that rejoicing. But in general, I’m thankful for what ever that has happened

But I would like to make 2009 a better one, definitely. I don’t like making resolutions, because I know that I would never even attempt to make them work, but I would more of a vision/wishlist/prayer list for 2009!

1. Get my butt back in a cell group, I hate days being cel(less), it’s like roaming around aimlessly, without anyone to remind you on issues that needs guidance.

2. Let bygones be bygones (sounds cliche but ..) thats true, I want to start 2009 afresh and renewed, especially friendships, I don’t want to harbor upon the past, what ever that has happened, let it be, I want to be friends back with you again.

3. MISSION TRIP! Still country(less) but I hope it would be my LOVE country!

4. Daily bedtime ‘talk’ with Him!

5. Exercise exercise exercise! I think my mom’s way fitter than me, she goes to the gym at least twice a week, while her daughter here is a lazy bum who thinks gym is boring! I will TRY!

6. _ _ _ !!

// The list doesn’t just stop here, but it’s because I’m blocked with thoughts, so I’d update this another time. //


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