New Begining – Work is good

Good news everyone, I finally landed myself a JOB! Yes, you heard that right, a JOB! I cannot stress how thankful and awesome this piece of news is. I guess it is the BEST birthday present for myself. I have got no one else to thank but the mighty Lord who has shown so much favour upon my life. He choose to close a door and opened the other (awesome) door for me.

What I’d be doing is still very vague, I know that what I’m supposedly to do is curating of books. So what I do basically is research, liaise with artist/designers to feature their work in our publications. Isn’t that awesome!? Technically, I get paid to surf the net! Haha.

I can’t say that this current job has much relation with what I studied previously, but it definitely helps when I have design background.

Goodbye advertising (maybe for the time being or for good?), hello publishing!

I would be starting work on Monday, 23rd March 2009! I am definitely looking forward to it. At the same time, Happy Birthday to me!!


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