Wee wee weeeeeee

Yes this is IT! Finally the day’s like HERE?! Well, I’m talking about my interview with my ‘next step in life’ LASALLE, pretty much nervous about it, but hell yah, I’m going to have much fun!! Just hope that they would let me know the result of the application straight away!! I can’t stand waiting you know!! I’ve known of some that get straight replies and some of which will have to wait a day or so, before they sent you THE letter that you’re waiting for!!

Okay, I’m getting much tired, so good nights and early good morning!! *cross fingers*

So my final year exams are just round the conner, and thats it! Finally graduating from ITE. Infact I’m starting to miss the times spent together, it was so fun but oh wells…

“Dear lord, if its meant to be, let it be! I’m putting my trust in You, and that i know that you’ll allow whatever to happens for a cause. thank you!! Amen!”


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