Tezuka Architects


came across this very interesting pair of architects that had the idea of a Roof House which was completed in 2001. armed with a table, chairs, a kitchen and a shower all located at the roof top and it had a ladder linked to the interior of the house.
i believe that the idea was for the family to utilize the space up on a roof since living in a ‘space constraint’ country?

and with the similar idea, a kindergarten was constructed, fuji kindergarten was built, with the idea of a roof house for 500 children and the ability to preserve the large trees, it is a playground with no boundaries and space without constraint.

the amazing thing is also within the kindergarten has no walls, so no restrictions with colleagues, no hierarchy based on position/post, even the principle has no room of it’s own. just a space at a conner thus promoting the ability to see one another, i believe this brings everyone closer too.


// images via tezuka architects //


if you are living in singapore or has access to channelnewsasia, do tune in this coming Tuesday; 05th May 2009 at 8:30PM, this kindergarten has been featured in this show called ‘design A-Z’! do watch it to have a deeper understanding of how this place functions. i am definitely knocking off from work early, so that i can catch it.


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