cars & it’s design

suzuki alto lapin

mazda spiano

nissan cube

i blogged about these cars before, but recently i came across another similar ‘type’ of car, so thought maybe i should redo an entry about these babies. plus a good reason to make my tuesday happy by just looking at them. 

the suzuki alto lapin was first introduced in 2002 and was only available in japan. lapin means rabbit in french, and it is also marketed as mazda spiano as it was manufactured by suzuki. it was first released in year 2002 but in year 2006, a new version was introduced. 

now there is this new nissan cube, that is equally cute and it seems like this car is spacious and it includes smart design details that is ignored in daily usage.

if you still have not realised, i have a thing for square cars and they all have a retro look/feel. oh when oh when, will i get my hands on anyone of them.

// via suzuki, mazda and nissan //


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