Harc Lee – Pocket light

Harc Lee; a New York based designer has this really amazing product that is such a life saver when in times of need. Imagine getting stuck in a lift or when you simply need a light to guide your path – this simple product does the wonderful job for you, all you need to do is to flip it up and there will be light. Or maybe during that romantic picnic by the lake, you’ll want something to provide that soft light yet not that bright *winks* neither do you want something that is dangerous like candles/fire, well you have found the perfect solution.

I cannot stress how cool this product is, as it is slim enough to be slotted into your wallet or something, yet powerful enough to bring light around you. You can call me slow (as this was introduced in 2008), but seriously, this is going to be on my desire list, so if anyone of you can get your hands on it, please let me know.

[Images/Found via Behance]


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