fashionista #2

catherine h

dennis r

yes, as said, i’d do a detail post on lookbook. i can’t help but admit that i am officially hooked unto this site. i practically log in every other day just to check out on what’s the latest outfits, colours, styles or even brands.

the cool part is how people around the world come to this site to post their daily wear, so it’s like all the fashion magazines combined in a site. so tell me, how can i NOT love it huh? i also love how clean the site is, with very easy navigational panels. you can not only search through brands, different categories of wearable and even by the country these ‘models’ live in. so if you want to know the latest look in a certain region, tada, your wish is their command.

as i’ve said this, i am officially hooked, i see myself refreshing every now and then. the photos are just some of my favorite that i have seen, there are way more than just the 2 of them. but if i were to post them, i believe that this post would go on forever.

so check lookbook out now!

// images from lookbook + dennis r + catherine h //


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