uniqlo – online advertising

i have been uniqlo fan ever since i got my first tee, especially their cotton crew neck tee. comfy + soft + stylish + affordable are the key words on my part uniqlo just happens to fill in that description. i know that uniqlo is famous for their parkas (the meaning of parkas), but i have yet to get one of my own, soon, i believe. 

i came across this mixplay some time back and was taken aback by how the site of a clothing label is synced with street music, which is very apparent for the japanese street culture. plus the interactivity of the site, props to the creative team behind it. well at least it allowed me to have a go at some mediocre dj(ing), haha! but i sure had alot of fun.

now they came up with uniqlo1000 and it has gotten my attention too, maybe not as much as the mixplay, but i see the coolness and i like how they streamline between each person, so props for the effort. 

for sure online advertising is really the new media used, it has so much potential and it reaches out to a wide audience from all walks of life. with the right creative + mindset, from a small company to those big firms, a success online site would bring in so much publicity. check out the number of searches for uniqlo, amazing!
well, even my mom has taken an interest in their adverts, all because she is a firm believer of the uniqlo tees *winks*! so if my mom is interested, i guess it must be a successful campaign.

uniqlo mixplay

uniqlo 1000

do check out mixplay and uniqlo1000!

// inspired by a friend who posted the uniqlo1000 link on facebook //


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