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the last time i dropped by this shop was eons ago, ever since my school days back in lasalle. well because of it’s location, i see it every now and then but i have never had the right time to go in and have a look.

today i finally did and it has won my heart over. not only with the right ambience, good food (based on reviews online, but i will have a taste of it soon), awesome desserts (i got a carrot cake), friendly + funny staff (who speaks off funny topics) and most importantly they have a great mission in mind. i am talking about food for thought, described as a little indie diner place, they serve a wide variety of pastas, sandwiches, salads and soups + deserts (which cannot be missed!).

the best thing about them is, they promote (you can read about their mission and be inspired)

with a large amount of wallnuts in each bit of the cake, who can ever say no to it? 

serve free drinking water (because they don’t believe in paying for tap water)

the opening hours are:
monday to saturday
9am to 1130am (breakfast only)
1130pm to 230pm (lunch Menu)
230pm to 530pm (drinks and desserts only)
530pm to 1030pm (last order for dinner 9pm; after 9pm drinks and dessert only)
+65 6338 8724 


fyi: the photos taken by me definitely does NOT do justice to how the the cake taste, forgive me, as i didn’t bring along a decent camera.

// images taken from foodforthought //


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