‘Must Read’ List

thanks to the many around me that influences what’s on my ‘must read’ list. this time it is something very personal + mind blogging books.

1. in defense of food

well, i actually got this title from steve aoki, yes, the dj aoki! haha! and it shall be strike off first from my list, getting the book tonight. can’t wait.

2. hungry city

amy tan’s reading material for school became such an interesting topic for me to read up on. she was the one who inspired me to read more about food consumption and how huge cities waste food like nobodies business!  

3. the boy in the stripped pyjamas

all thanks to ivy who recommended this film to me, now i must do what she did, IT’S A MUST WATCH! trust me! if it’s approved bt at least 4 of my friends, how bad can it get? right? but now i am interested in the book itself, id probably cry buckets of tears, as it’s setting is in the holocaust era. something that changed history entirely. 


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