Bodyslam – เสียดาย (Sia Daai)

Bodyslam is out with a new song called เสียดาย (sia daai) and it is found in this album called ‘play’ which has many other artistes too, such as Potato, Hangman, Retrospec and even Big Ass. I shall try my best to lay my hands on it. if you think Thai Rock, think this album.

As for this song, I am so hooked unto it, while I do my work, it’s on repeat mode! nothing beats being productive at work with good music accompanied. Btw I really x10 can’t wait for bodyslam to come out with new stuff! Quick! or if BODYSLAM ever reads this, please come to SINGAPORE!

Here is the official website for this album, it is written all in thai, but it is pretty easy to navigate. Have fun listening to the other tracks!


สียดาย ( sia daai )
deplore ; bemoan ; bewail ; lament
regret ; feel sorry for the loss


2 thoughts on “Bodyslam – เสียดาย (Sia Daai)

  1. I am really amazed by all your stuffs about Thai music. Being a Thai living in the US for long time, I find your blog a good place for not only Singaporeans but also a Thai like me too. It is good to know something you know from a different perspective as well.

    By the way, this song was actually sung by Bird-Thongchai McIntyre 15-16 years ago and it has got remade in a different tune by BodySlam. I do like both versions.

    1. Yeah, Bird’s version is a little more pop – very Bird’s style. The first time I heard of it I couldn’t believe how the song has changed to a rock version.

      This Play! Project CD was made for GMM’s 25th anniversary, so I guess that’s where all the tracks from the older artist are made into new ‘songs’ by the younger artist.

      555+ Thanks! Just a few humble post, I guess the passion has pulled off. Yeah, in fact the Thai scene in Singapore is slowly catching up and people are slowly appreciating the language + music. I’m thankful that there are even like Thai concerts/gigs held in Singapore. Potato, Da Endorphine and Peacemaker are the few that has come to Singapore!

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