Taken By Cars


Uh Oh

December 2 Chapter VII

As august draws near, it’s time to mark out my list of ‘must watch’ at Baybeats 2009 and ‘Taken by Cars‘ or also known as TbC an Indie Rock Band, is definitely going into my list! My favorite has got to be December 2 Chapeter VII but I also foresee myself grooving to Uh Oh!

For more of who and how the band works, check out their wikipedia page for a better understanding of who they are. It is the melodious voice of their vocalist, Sarah Marco that sets in the right mood of the songs + the divers feel of the whole band, okay, it’s official, I can’t wait for them to come!

To also get first hand information on them, do follow them on twitter!

Their album ‘Endings of a new kind‘ has won album of the year by Junksounds 2008 Regional Music Awards and have been nominated for many other awards too. So tell me how can anyone not see them live!

Come join the many others at Baybeats 2009 and check out my previous post on the lineup!


2 thoughts on “Taken By Cars

  1. Hey!!! I just randomly bumped into this post. Thank you so much for the kind words hehehe! By the way, Taken by Cars will be launching their 2nd album, ‘Dualist’, in Singapore June 10, 2011! We hope to see you there! We will post details on our Facebook=)


    1. *shyyyyyy* Nah, it’s because the band is awesome that’s why such great reviews are written. Cool!! All the best + I’m sure it’ll be a great gig. Sure, would pop by Facebook for more details and I’d definitely try to come!! ^^

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