we’re back to teeny red dot

The sillys + newly recruited member aka MOM  had a RADICAL time spent in Bangkok. We are definitely still having Bangkok withdrawal symptoms, still picking up calls with Sawadee Ka as our first greeting and typing 555+!  

Days where time was never a limit, shopping like no tomorrow and I really meant like no tomorrow. I might have just walked my 6 months worth in just 2 days? Good food everyday, almost at international choices. Haha! Had a feel of how the locals shopped/ate for a moment at Ratchada, partying at their biggest clubs (Royal City Avenue; Route 66/Slim/Flix) where all 4 of us had a fair share of good music (ivy : electro, gab : r&b while mom + me : live band/thai music), drank quite a bit till some puked, which I shall not mention names,  but I must say drinks are pretty cheap, okay, very cheap! 

Photos are coming up very soon, need some time to process and upload, patience! I promise!


4 thoughts on “we’re back to teeny red dot

  1. Shopping like there’s no tomorrow, GOOD food everyday (the best are those by the roadside I say) and the 555+ hehehe!

    I met up with Ping just last week and she mentioned a friend who like Thailand super alot and told me your name. + I read Greenlaundry & you left a comment there. You have a unique name so I remembered. So hello there! :)

    I love Thailand too! I’m visiting there again in 10 days so yipeeee!

    1. Wadeeka!!

      Truthfully, I’ve been reading your blog too (emilyinthailand) – that’s one of the few ‘steps’ to be ‘closer’ to Thailand! (:
      I’ve always mentioned to Ping how ‘glaa (brave)’ you are to have went ahead to Thailand.

      Yea, the next time you guys meets up, I’d be shameless me to tag along, ok? ^^

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