the fire fight – portrait lover

Keep your Friday free! (hey, it rhymes)
Anyways, today is the album launch by The Fire Fight at Esplanade’s Recital Studio. Starting at 9:30PM, do drop by and show some rocking love if you have the time!

The tickets are going at $25. (I am not sure if it includes a CD, but hey, it’s definitely going to be a rocking good show!)

To listen to the other 2 tracks that are on seak by them, do click here. But portrait lover is definitely my favourite track out of the 3. Enjoy!



For those who didn’t managed to get themselves at the launch, no worries, their cd is available at HMV (Singapore). Now I’m waiting for pictures to slowly creep their way to facebook so that I can show you peeps!


5 thoughts on “the fire fight – portrait lover

      1. No not all. I am not even sure how it can affect me negatively…can’t right? Then, don’t worry about it.
        Everything is still fine and dandy here:)

    1. cool, i’d let them know that they have a ‘fan’ all across the other globe.

      well, i didn’t managed to get to the concert, had another meeting instead. but i’d try to look for photos around and post it up soon.

      yeah, looking fwd to owning their tracks soon. (:

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