baybeats 2009 – countdown #3

I’m trying to do a 1 post per day as I look forward to Baybeats 2009 which is a mere THREE (3) days away! For the many of us who has been attending Baybeats faithfully since its debut in 2002, this is like no other year. Maybe it has become part of a yearly event that if we miss it, it’ll seem like the year has not passed! I always look forward to events like this because it’s also days like this that I can meet up fellow friends who are has interest in such music. Time to meet new friends + good excuse to catch up with the older ones, haahaa!

Seeing the growth of Baybeats each year can’t help but feel a little old! It used to be like a family gathering, where everyone knew who each other was, on stage and off stage. It’s good that local bands are able to share a good stage with those from overseas and it’s also cool that bands can see what Singapore has to offer. I’ve always believe in local music and will definitely show my appreciation in all ways that I can.

For my recommended bands :

1. Taken By Cars

The first time I heard, Taken By Cars, I couldn’t stop searching for more of their stuff. I think it’s the vocals + the melodic beats that gets people wanting for more. I can’t explain why I like them, maybe very ‘my kind’ of music. Haha! I know I suck at describing music and my terms are limited, hoho.

2. For This Cycle

Personally, I am looking very much forward to his set. I am not afraid to admit that I am slowly becoming a ‘groupie’ (yes, at THIS age)! I got exposed to For This Cycle when they played on Live’n’Loaded a few months back and I even won a contest by Mediacorp all because I voted for them (but NO NEWS of my prize lei!). The question was who and why the band should stay, my answer, “Any band that would get my mom glued to the TV is a GOOD band, and they deserve more airwaves than usual”!

I shall skip the band introduction, okay, at least I give you his name, it’s Weiwen. I believe that you can read about them from their myspace, but also do remember, MUST come for their set! I promise it’ll be a good one, if not I ‘chia’ (treat) you drinks! Cannot make me ‘throw’ face ah!

3. Calerway

Ending this recommendation on a heavier note, Calerway played at Baybeats in year 2006, and that was when I first heard them. Being a noob (then and maybe still is), I had no absolute idea how BIG they were, till I started reading up about them and their music influences, myspace also contributed a huge number of ‘fan comments’! Well, this year they are back for more and I am once again hooked unto their songs.


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