hairloom and caramel

So the trio made a trip down to Hairloom and Caramel, where we had an A++ time spent. Nothing will go wrong with great friends + accompanied with awesome food! I had the Smoked salmon spaghetti in lemon cream sauce while Ping had the Unagi sandwich with Japanese mayo and Ivy had the Banana chocolate cake! (Pictures coming up!)

I loved my spag, depending on if you can take food with an extraordinary taste, because of the smoked salmon (a tad fishy) + lemon cream sauce (sourish), it has this different feel to the it. I personally liked it, quite different from your usual kind of cream sauce spag, interesting!

Ping’s unagi sandwich was perfect, the bread toasted to a crispy/crunchy state with the thick serving of the unagi (o_0), nice! The combination of the soft unagi + the crunchy bread/veges, made it quite a dish! I think I’d be back for this the next time round.

Ivy’s banana chocolate cake! Word, HEAVENLY! The thick chocolate sauce and banana combination makes you crave for more. But I suggest to share, eating it alone might be a little too heavy for the stomach.

The whole place is a hair salon + cafe, so if you want to get your hair done, do drop by earlier! Anyways, I really liked the staff too, this very nice person gave me ‘plant (seed)lings’, which I have no idea what’s the name of it. But I can say it’s super cute and suitable for a desk plant which I will eventually put it in office! I need some nice greenery since there isn’t a window that I can look out to.

Do bring along your camera (with batteries, cos mine died even before I could take 1 photo!), you’ll be intrigued by the interior, trust me, we all DID! Haha!

We’re going back again this weekend! Stay tune for other reviews!

‘Stalk’ them at their twitter page for updates on the daily specials, which I am hooked unto checking out on a daily basis. Since office is within walking distance, so when I see something that I like! *giggles* You know where you can find me!


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