baybeats 09 – day 1 (after glow)

Got back from Baybeats 2009 and I declare that I had an awesome time spent! I wasn’t in any hardcore mode, so started the night off with the chillout area, listening to For This Cycle (they tweet here). I’m impressed with how they sound live, though the venue was quite airy, I thought dang, these boys have the voice! Okay, it’s official, I’m a teeny fan of them now! Haha!

On another note, I was literally STARSTRUCK by Cyndi Seui x Stargazer! They did an awesome set! Chan chob mak mak ka! And ‘My name is Dos’ was played too, *sing along*! Fancy listening it live is really different from what you hear through your small speakers. I certainly hope that they do come back and have a full good set played in Singapore and this time, please bring along Yuri’s Norminee + the whole of Kitsch Cat. Which I am also lovin’ much! I’d love to blog more, but my body + mind is literally shutting down! So I’d leave you’ll with 2 very ‘pop my cherry heart’ photos! Haha! Okay, maybe it was just my heart!

I have got a long day tomorrow, starting with a ‘date’ with my (newly found) dentist, then Coco Chanel, birthday dinner celebrations for IVY and then back to Baybeats for 2nd night of good stuff!

Good night people!
I’d leave you peeps with images that brings a smile on my face!


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