Bodyslam from ‘Save My Life’ Concert

Some of my favourite songs by them, all time classic hits!

Watching Bodyslam LIVE has always been a dream of mine since the time I’ve liked them 7 years back and I still remember how I got introduced to thai songs was because of this pair of Thai twins in my secondary school. My first contact to thai songs were actually pop groups like Chinadolls, Dan&Beam  in a cassette tape, which I will try to dig out. Being new to a language, I practically listened to all genres of thai music till I discovered that Thai songs ain’t just ballads and technoish dance songs.

Bodyslam was then a 3 piece group and their debut album ‘Bodyslam’ was fairly simple, overall good songs. It was the shop lady at MBK who introduced them to me, all I can remember was ‘Good band!’ + cd’s were pretty cheap (after the exchange rate of bhat to s$), I trusted her choice and bought. And since then, I’ve never looked back at getting that cd, which was just a start of liking them.

Have been requested to introduce the members, so here goes.

P’Toon – Vocals, P’Yod – Guitar, P’Pid – Bass Guitar and P’Chad – Drums.

It’s their diverse side to songs that keeps me entertained and wanting for more. I always look forward to their new releases, because I know that they’ll bring nothing but the best. I must say that they are a group who’s very hardworking and clear in what they want and still going ‘tight’ in terms of fan base and it’s still ever increasing. During my recent trip people are very amazed that a fellow Singaporean loves Bodyslam and loves singing along to their songs!

Bodyslam has grown so much after  their album ‘Believe’ where they got in P’Chad, things started to turn around for them. Good to see them go towards a direction! Regardless of what they are, they’ll always have me rocking to their tunes!

I’m also very happy that people in Singapore are slowly accepting these Thai bands. I am glad that many people out there do actually like them now. Glad my post has been a joy to read, I’d definitely do more reviews of Thai related music/movies.

If any of Bodyslam’s contact ever see this, PLEASE get them to Singapore, pretty PLEASE! (-/\-)v


2 thoughts on “Bodyslam from ‘Save My Life’ Concert

  1. I like BodySlam too. Their Save My life concert looks very energetic and surreal. The lyrics of many BodySlam songs are meaningful and encouraging to many young Thais.

    Not sure if you like this song, but it is quite popular in Thailand (from looking the rating on youtube)

    The band, 25hours, used to be one of many indy bands in Thailand many years ago before they joined the big record-label company. I hope you like it.

    1. Very true, Bodyslam’s lyrics are always so positive and real, so that’s why so many can identify with them.

      Yeap, I love 25 hours! A lot of such ‘indie’ bands are coming up too. Like Scrubb, Ewery, Good September, Super Baker & etc! Hahaha!

      Singha Tooe Namchok is my current favourite singer. His tracks are so easy on the ears.

      How’s the Thai scene in the States? I know some artist has been to States to tour too. But not sure where?

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