Dear Galileo – New Thai Movie Released …

Anyone has any idea what movie is this? I saw the trailer and tried looking for it, but nothing came out. My alternative solution is only Golden Mile! Hahah! Or anyone who knows where I can watch Thai movies in Singapore at a not so ‘lap sup’ place, at least a place where I feel safe entering in the dark, heh!
Kob kun mak ka to WK of Wise Kwai for the information, so this film’s called Dear Galileo, and it’s same director who did ‘Seasons Change’ (I’m a huge fan of that show!!). I totally dig the start of the movie’s teaser, with the cute animation, a very different twist to this show. Well what more can I expect from a movie with 2 of my favourite country, Thailand and Europe!


2 thoughts on “Dear Galileo – New Thai Movie Released …

  1. The English title is Dear Galileo. It’s a young-adult travel and friendship drama set in London, Paris and Venice. It was released in Thai cinemas on July 23, 2009.

    1. Kob kun ka. (:
      In Singapore, it’s quite hard to find Thai films, so the only way is to wait for the vcd/dvd to be released.

      I like your blog, very informative. I only had a brief read through, but will do detail reading soon.

      And I agree, citizen dog is a good top #10 films.

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