akan datang (coming soon) …

I’ve been bugged by many friends to do a Baybeats 09 after glow, but I’ve been so tied up with work this whole week and that I thought it’ll be good only after I upload my photos/videos, which also means I need time to edit, making sure it’s ok for the eyes.

To be honest, I’ve already passed the age of making full attendance at all 3 nights and at all acts, so this year I went with a selective mindset, to only see what I think/heard/know/look forward to and all the performances has not disappointed me in any way.

Which explains my title akan datang, yes, my full post of the Baybeats 09 would be coming right up, there’s already a first draft saved, be patient okay?

Coming right up is Cyndi Seui’s x Stargazer’s set at the chill out area on the first day of the festival, in fact the videos are in uploading mode while I type this.


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