Cyndi Seui x Stargazer @ Baybeats 2009

Videos taken during their 2nd set at Baybeats 2009 – Chill Out Stage

It was the start of Baybeats 2009 and I had already marked Cyndi Seui x Stargazer’s set as my MUST GO and I am glad that I did. I totally enjoyed myself and I think my friend, Amy did so too!

Awwwwwesome! I had a great time blooping my head, swaying my shoulders and snapping (I wanted to put flicking, but a friend said it sounded weird! So!) my fingers at tunes by them. I came across their stuff from this site, SuperrZaaap (which has a store at Siam Square) and that’s it, I was hooked unto stuff by this label, Kitsch Cat (or you could drop by their myspace instead, which YOU MUST!).

It’s their electro pop hits that attracted me and it’s those kind where you’ll unknowingly bloop your head with the beat and I liked how the duo, Cyndi Seui and Stargazer compliment one another with their tracks. I liked how they also did the arrangement of their songs in comparison to the original tracks. While Cyndi Seui was using this pipe thing that created a unique sound, which I can’t quite explain, but do listen out to it in the videos. I was very amazed by it.

For me, I felt that maybe the venue wasn’t the best place to dance to their tracks, so you end up having a minority of people (Singaporeans are quite SHY) truly enjoying their set at Baybeats. For the shy me, I plunked myself right at the front and happily sway my head to their music.

We met a fellow fan too, Jon who is from Hong Kong. It’s cool to see that I am not alone, haha! And Jon if you ever read this, it was nice meeting you.

So I would definitely hope that they would come back to Singapore again! And this time I wish they could bring all their members (especially YURI) down to Singapore for a night of in my terms, electro/dance/music mayhem! 555+


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