jon chan @ baybeats 2009

Switch On Switch Off

I am recently hooked unto Jon Chan’s, ‘Switch on switch off”, this song has been playing repeatedly non stop! It’s the tune, words and feel that makes me love it! Current hit count 69 and increasing! Hahah! For the above video (1), totally love how the guitar sounds like at 1:33-1:50! Song’s on repeat, now video is also on repeat.

I don’t know the title of this song

Dancing Queen

I don’t know the title of this song

Conclusion, new found liking for Jon Chan’s voice, no longer the loud/head banging tunes, not that Plainsunset wasn’t good, but maybe I have ‘matured’ with age and I need more mellow tunes to ease that stressful day away. Well if my mom says that the songs are NICE, it must be really nice! She’s always picking at my choice of bands/songs, so if she approves (rarely) of a group/band/singer, it must be worth listening to!

I hope Jon comes out with more songs 5 (Nightjar) + 1 (previously; Pencil Tracings), isn’t enough to satisfy ‘fans’ who wants more! No, not the groupie kind, but more of a fan who enjoys and appreciates good music.

*Ps if you can identify any of the songs, please leave a comment and let me know. Much is appreciated!


One thought on “jon chan @ baybeats 2009

  1. ohhhh…. thanks for the videos man!!! now i know what i missed… argh. But yes… jon is amazing… *piang eh*! thanks for the videos, again… :D

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