What Shoes Are For …

It started out with a search on shoes and website became me being so intrigued by everything this site has to offer. First, love the idea of having funky shoes from all around the world in this site, it makes shoe fanatic or not go NUTS! Haahaa! I definitely did feast visually with all the coolio shoes! Some are practical while others would make me go ‘wth is that?’!!

And I also liked how the design of the site was, especially the drop down box under the category of COLOUR! It’s just so nice to stare at colours, right? Maybe it’s just me, but categorizing shoes under it’s different usage, colours, material and type is cool! Do remember to check out the ‘special usage’ part, you’ll be amazed by how shoes are used for.

The Virtual Shoe Museum was initiated by Liza Snook in 2004. Once the idea was born, a long search began for designers, photographers and publishers connected to shoes. New friendships developed and our mailbox filled with loads of material on fantastic shoes, art and design on shoes. And finally, with the help of Taco Zwaanswijk of Interactive Affairs, who designed the site, and Bart van der Ploeg of Resolume, who programmed the database and created the content management system, we’re live! And proud! And we’re only just beginning…

Shoes or No Shoes

In Kruishoutem, Belgium, a new museum, SONS (Shoes or No Shoes) opened in 2009. It houses several collections, amongst which a series of shoes/artworks by renowned artists like Joep van Lieshout, Corneille, Jan Fabre, Karel Prantl, Jennifer Bolande, Keith Farquhar and many others.

This new museum in Kruishoutem, Belgium, where a beautiful building holds several collections. In this video curators Veerle Swenters and Pierre Bogaerts who collected shoes of artists explain their work – Liza Snook



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