Two Popetorn (Thai Singer)

Introducing Popetorn Soonthornyanakij : Two, who started out in 2005 and is known for his ballads, “What Will I Do” and “Tee Derm Nai Hua Jai”. He has recently just released his solo album ‘Two’ which has 6 tracks in it.
His debut track “Kid Arai” has this dance and playful feel to it, maybe not my kind of tea, but not too bad either. Since he has always been known for his ballads, I presume he wanted to pick something different from the usual. His latest solo album ‘Two’ consist of this song that I really like, called โปรดอย่ามาสงสาร which translated is somewhat means ‘Don’t feel sorry for me’. I like the rhythm of the song, and the tune got stuck in my head right from the start. This is a very ‘me’ kind of tune, my friends all know what I would mean.

What will I do – Live

Say Yes (Thai Version) OST Summer Scent

คิดอะไร (Kit Arai)

โปรดอย่ามาสงสาร (Bproht Yaa Maa Song-saan)

just in case the live version wasn’t clear, here’s the song itself.

ถ้าหาก (Tah Hark)


Check out his twitter! Not the best twitter around, but hey, it’s nice to know how’s the album doing.


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