Yuri’s Nominee

The indie scene in Thailand is gaining more and more exposure. Which is definitely good for people like me who finds it extremely hard to get my hands on their cds. I can only get songs through friends who lives in Thailand and has access to such songs too. No no, they are not the kind that are ‘heavy on ears’, but those that you can listen to a million times and not get sick of. Whahah!

I do like quite a few variety of indie bands that are up and coming (at least to me, they are). I’d try to get my hands on them and share it with you’ll from time to time. If you’ll also do have any good recommendation, please do not hesitate to email me / comment and share them! I’d love to hear what THAI bands/singers/stuff you’ll are listening to.

Yuri’s Nominee is part of the Kitsch Cat label and One ~ Two ____ Three is his new EP, whom I totally adore. Basically it’s the whole Kitsch Cat family that I like. Yuri’s songs are of a slower material as compared with the rest, but it’s his soothing voice and happy tracks that makes me loving every inch of it. It’s those kind of songs where you’ll listen to it at coffee joints, with a good book in hand or at a dark gloomy raining day to chase away those raining blues.

I’ve said this, but I will say this again, (Kitsch Cat(sss)) please come to Singapore for a good set. I’d love to dance/sway/head bloop to your stuff. 555+

If you find that the song on the video is not enough to satisfy your curiosity of how Yuri’s Nominee is, click here to listen from the playlist in IMeem.

Ps I would definitely encourage you’ll to get his album if it’s available for you. Because I know I will when the opportunity comes. Nothing beats owning the real cd in your hands! Support original! PLEASE!! Do comment if you’re downloading, THANKS!


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