the september issue

I know I am uber slow, but I actually just came across this and Singapore has started showing it some time last 2 weeks, so we’re only left with extremely weird timings and weird cinemas!! Very bad!

I’d like to catch it badly, not because I’m some fashionista, but I’d like to know what goes behind each issue of a successful publication and what it takes to be successful! They’ll take everything to make it good!

Maybe I should just wait for the DVD!


3 thoughts on “the september issue

  1. Jorraine 14/11/2009 / 5:06 AM

    someone’s uploaded it on youtube. joy!

    • Euphemia Toong 16/11/2009 / 1:36 PM


      thanks for the info!! i guess by the time i discovered the movie it was out of spore’s cinema. ):

      • Euphemia Toong 16/11/2009 / 1:37 PM

        i had a good laugh the moment i saw it! it was very quick thinking of the person.

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