Kittylab (Singapore)

[image via kitty lab website]

Calling all Hello Kitty fans out there! Kitty Lab is FINALLY making it’s way to sunny (not so these days) Singapore. I can’t image Hello Kitty is actually 35 years old? Regardless of her age, she sure has fans of all ages! From the oldest to the youngest. I used to be a kitty fan or rather Sanrio fan when I was much younger, but have seem to grow out of it. But it’s only recently under the influences of friends that I know who are MEGA fans of this cat, I started re-liking it.

It’s funny how a cat without mouth can draw such attention to it. Just by googling it’s name, hello kitty, the amount of searches that appears is scary, hundred over thousands. Even site’s dedicated to this cat. I might not be much of a girly girl, but I have to admit, I’m actually loving this cat. My heart says yes to go but my wallet says no hehe!


14/11/2009 – 29/11/2009

Singapore EXPO (Hall 1)


Mon-Thu : Adult S$35 Child S$17
Fri-Sun & PH : Adult S$38 Child S$20

For more information please refer to their website, call 8301-9844 or

*Ps NO Photography, Video, Recording is allowed at the site. But I’m sure there’s a point where you can take photos. Do call and double check with the organizers.

Okay, maybe something to convince yourself that this kitty is worth visiting, have fun downloading these [1|2|3] and maybe, just maybe, it might inspire you to visit the lab when it’s open in Singapore.

Remember to check out for more details and if you want ‘instant’ updates, follow Kittylab Singapore at their Twitter page instead.


Updates: Free wallpaper from kitty35.


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