i (still) heart my son

Some ONE year ago, Poo Chai came into my family and made me a happy kid! One year later, he is still going strong. Not only has he been a great companion through many endless bus rides, travel companion through plane rides and even now it has served itself as a good storage space for both the office and personal usage.

He has currently 38GB worth of usage, which still is a long way more from the total of 120GB. I’m glad Poo Chai has become part of my life, I think I will not be able to live without it. How I love the sleekness and sturdiness of Ah Chai.

You can read about how Poo Chai came into my life here.

So dear Poo Chai (aka Ah Chai), mommy loves you and will find you a baby brother/sister real soon (aka IPHONE), but not to worry, you’re always my first love! Oh actually my 2nd love, because my first love has been given to II the IBook some years ago.

Let me see, IBook – II, IPod – Poo Chai, Mac Book Pro – Super Little Thing, IPhone – ?? Cool huh?

Btw if you think I’m nuts by naming all my gadgets, think again, even my mom has names for her ITouch and IPhone. YEAH!


2 thoughts on “i (still) heart my son

  1. hey euphe, haha you’re so adorable. :) i only named all my soft toys but never my gadgets.. oh and my bicycle. lol.

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