Potato (Thai band)

Edit: All the YouTube links got deleted. )))))):


I’ve been waiting to write a proper entry for the upcoming concert by Potato but haven’t had the rights words to be written down. Maybe because I’m too excited for it that my head goes into a whirl pool of thoughts and they keep running through my mind.

I must definitely thank BMI Global Connections for brining in this Thai Pop Festival (TPF) into Singapore and bringing Thai music into another level where people like me can totally enjoy. With the extensive line up that they would bring in, I am very sure that Thai fans in Singapore will have a blast of a time.

This Potato’s concert would be BMI Global’s second concert under their belt, to which the first was held at Club Ratchada, with Marsha Vadhanapanich gracing the event which I heard it was a success.

I’ve got to mention this, KUDOS to BMI Global Connections for bringing us such wonderful line up. With many exciting bands and singers coming up for next year.

As for now, this would be BMI’s last concert of the year, so what else to end the year with a BANG! Come on down!!

I personally hope that they also do play songs from their past albums, ‘Life’ and ‘Sense’!!
PLEASE POTATO, if you ever see this!!

For those who still have missed out.

DATE: 17 November 2009
TIME: 9PM onwards
VENUE: Neverland (
Orchard Plaza, #05-20)

It is NEVER too late to get tickets at the door itself! Contact Marc/Michael at 96100204.


2 thoughts on “Potato (Thai band)

    1. Sure, I’d probably blog about it.

      I had a great time when they came to Singapore to play. It was an awesome show! Though the sound system was sucky, but the band was tight! Everyone should GO to their show! Haha!

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