Parco Incubator @ Millenia Walk

Mae Pang – Pang Ai Mei

Pauline.Ning – Pauline Lim

Vaniel – Veliani Sanjaya

(images via thursday evenings)

The Top 3 winners (l-r), 1st: La Belle by Michelle Wong, 2nd: Yumumu by Lu Yilin, 3rd: pauline.ning by Pauline lim

(images via

I had the opportunity to attend my first ever fashion related event, all thanks to Veliani. I must say, I am officially awed by all these people who comes dressed in really nice outfits despite the warm weather and everyone is so poise and elegant. Fashion is always something that I see but never know! But I am glad to have this experience of how and what fashion shows are made off.

First off, congrats to the winners of the Parco Incubator, from where all of you’ll started to now at this phase. It has already been a journey for many who might not have even the chance, so winners or not, you’ll know that you are in some way or another. For all those endless nights of concept and sewing, this is the night, but also not only the night.

To me, personally, fashion is not only about aesthetically or visually pleasing, but also how clothes can compliment the wearer and not over power the wearer. I am glad some pieces did really managed to capture my attention, especially their detailing and how each piece was fashion forward yet nothing too outrage.

Now all is left to seeing these designers take flight and bring fashion to another level.

I am so excited to see more stuff when PARCO @ Millenia opens in April 2010!

More lovely work by the designers.

(images via own muse)


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