let the price wars of the iphone begins

[image via hongkiat]

Attention to all living in Singapore who has an intention of getting an IPhone in the recent month(s) or so. Have a look at the lastest price war between all 3 subscribers, Singtel, M1 and Starhub. Something worth reading and worth getting your attention!

I have got to say, SMART move, M1, freaking 10GB with 300 minutes of talktime + free outging calls to 3 M1 lines! OMG! I think no one else can ask for more!

Being the first provider for the IPhone, I believe that they started out well, till the other parties came up with it. For me, the only thing that is +ve about Singtel would the ability to bundle up your lines, and only 2 lines is needed to get a discount off your overall bill, being in a small family, 2 lines is a good thing for me, while M1 needs at least 3. /:

At this point, it’s not only about the talktime that is a bonus, but also the small offers that telco’s might neglect, but remember, as a consumer, every cent, every little detail counts into consideration as to what to get. Like free calls to the same provider, per second billing, data usage, number of hours for call time provided in a plan, added benefits like ability to watch tv (I LIKE THIS!) last but not least, the price of an IPhone itself!

Please, SINGTEL, don’t disappoint me, prove those who gave you the nickname of Stinktel all WRONG! For the fact that many of us had LOADS of faith in you! Trust me on that!


Update: 2:10PM

Here’s a spreadsheet version of the 3 telco’s prices for the IPhone, Starhub vs Singtel vs M1

Thanks to iheartapple for the comparison!


Update: 3:50PM

“@hardwarezone: Just got a statement from SingTel saying that they will be announcing “new revised iFlexi plans within the next few days”.

Thank goodness! I really cannot wait for the new revised plan to be out! All of us are banging out on the revised plan!


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