Dear Galileo (Thai movie)

I have been getting a lot of searches under this category, of Thai Music, Thai Movies and more importantly, this movie, Dear Galileo.

I have managed to find some links to watch them online (check out Lizchon’s youtube channel). Hope it works and enjoy the movie. I know how hard it is to find Thai films outside Thailand itself, but I make it a purpose to buy them whenever I can and I hope you can do the same too.

Please support original films! Without your support, they would not have enough funds and without funds, they cannot make good movies!

*Ps, the show is without english subtitles, but I am very sure based on the film itself, even without understanding their dialogue, you will enjoy it. But of course if you come across any sites with the english subtitles in it and is willing to share, LET ME KNOW! Thanks.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Galileo (Thai movie)

  1. Hey I’ve just watched this movie with my bestest friend! And we so wanted to book our tix and start backpacking already! Oh well, I’m from Malaysia and the movie’s with subtitles =)

    We enjoyed the movie sooooo much but sadly there was only two of us in the cinema room, what a waste that it didn’t get the publicity cuz it’s such an awesome movie!

    I hope more people would get to watch this movie and are very inspired to start travelling around the world and get exposed to different cultures!

    1. Yes! That is what kept me to this show too. I guess it’s the guts to just leave like this and have an adventure of a lifetime.

      Not easy but I think once you set foot on it. It’ll be an awesome trip!

      It’s the same in Singapore too, Thai films are always so hard to get my hands on. Especially with subs.

      I can only rely on ‘illegal’ ways, which I DO NOT like. But if I have the chance to buy the film whenever I visit Thailand for holidays, I would definitely do.

      Support original.

      Are you into the Thai culture too?

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