Da Endorphine was AWESOME!

Just got back not too long ago from Da Endorphine’s concert held here in Singapore and I can loudly declare that SHE IS AWESOME! Her power house vocals + amazing stage presence just awes us all! I have never been so ‘smitten’ by a singer on stage that she literally took our breadth away. Nope, I’m NOT joking. I tell you, it’s really concerts like this that makes me appreciate music + the Thai language even more. Makes me want to pick up the language on a deeper level like right NOW!

It was also nice to have good friends who enjoys her songs as much as I do. The epic moment was when she sang Parb Lung Tar, which I think you could clearly hear our screams right from the start till the end! I’m not sure how should I describe the experience? I think if this was held at a ‘proper’ venue aka NON club venue, I’d probably enjoy it like 1000% more, but now’s just 100%! Hahaha! All you THAI enthus, HAVE to join me the next time round? Okay?

Please make do with a teeny weeny picture of her’s while I take some time to get the videos loading – I have tonnes of them, ok, maybe around 6-8? So please be patience, alright?

It IS that important that I think the videos deserve a post on it’s own – which I’d link when it’s all uploaded. [HEREEEEEEE]
So meanwhile, enjoy the photos.

[image via Stomp.com.sg]


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