See you soon, Da!

HOHOHOHO! I finally got ALL my CDs signed and it still feels a teeny weeny bit surreal! Da’s super duper friendly – totally HUMANLY! No diva acts nor ‘I think I should avoid you moments’. So Huixian was the most spotting person to actually say YES to my proposal of heading to the airport to send Da off. Though she had to give the concert a miss due to the day/time it’s held – THURSDAY, ~12 MIDNIGHT! So this was her other chance of meeting Da, which I think we both didn’t regret at all.

Of course I had solid information on what time she’ll be around + on which flight back to Bangkok, all thanks to a nice friend who works closely with them. KAMSIA ah, Marc. The initial part was pretty tough, like we didn’t know what to do nor how should we approach her. PAISEH lah – not very young anymore, you know. HAHAH! But I guess a universal wave + smile got us through the still moment. She thought that we were actually going to Bangkok and was also at the airport, so when we explained that, nope, we’re there to send her off, she got shocked! “Really?! Wow, THANKS” It made us smile and thought, it was all worth while. *Ps, we practically ran because we were so afraid that we’ll be too late and ended up missing her.

So conversations like “Do you enjoy the show?”, “How was it?” and then “What is your favourite song off the new album?” But of course I’ve already had a few songs that were on repeat mode. So being the all time HUGE FAN of Da since the days when she was still known as purely Endorphine the band. I just had to make her sign ALL the CDs that I’ve owned! KIASU mah! Well, my (probably, but hopefully NOT) ONCE IN A LIFE TIME MOMENT. *grins* Yes and I’m super proud to have these CDs. She was quite taken aback by those CDs as I had her very first album (back when she was in the band Endorphine).

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. It was time to say goodbye and I’m glad she had fun during her stay in Singapore, because I sure did. I certainly hope we left a good impression on her? Till the next time we meet, please take care and I cannot wait for you to have new material + head back to Singapore, SOON!


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