2010 and ahead

I have never been a person who makes New Year resolutions or even if I had, I probably would have forgotten about it by the 3rd month into the new year, haha. But this year, or rather next year is going to be different. I shall attempt to make some goals, as I like to call it, for myself.

Resolutions or Goals – both requires determination and effort to be completed.

1. No late nights, unless necessary – By that I mean that staying out late till the wee hours is by choice, and it is no longer going to be the kind where I think I SHOULD party and have fun. But REST!!

2. Exercise – Friends knows that I perspire very easily and that is sometimes one of the biggest ‘reason’ why I don’t really like exercising, I look like I ran a marathon while actually just walking down orchard road. Haha! But excuses aside, I shall attempt to exercise TWICE A MONTH! Start small!

3. Spend quality time with people I care; family and friends – What I mean by quality is I am going to put in more effort than what I usually do. And I make sure it’s quality meet ups and not quantity!

4. Continue my Passion for the Thai’s – I’m hoping that I could continue taking up lessons both for speaking and this time, maybe also include reading/writing. But I hope that there’ll be a day where I can converse with a local without worrying about saying the wrong things. Hahah.

5. Mission trip – I have been so blessed by my previous two trips to B and till date, I cannot forget it. Even though it was a pretty short trip, but have learnt and gained so much from the experiences. We often have this mindset of going on a mission means to ‘bless and to give’ but only come to realised that it isn’t only about giving. There’s so much to receive.

6. Walk right with the Lord – Nuff said!

7. Serve – I still remember my Girl’s Brigade motto is to Seek Serve and Follow Christ. Serving in many ways, in church, to the community, to family and even to friends.  Well at least I know where I’d like to serve in, just need more courage.

8. Think beautiful things – By having beautiful thoughts, things would eventually be beautiful and most importantly, feel beautiful. I don’t mean visually beautiful, but more of a well being.

9. Learn to say NO – Be firm about that decision and no regrets.

10. Live Life and Love Life – Enjoy every moment of it and better still document it.

11. TRAVEL – Hello, how can anyone say NO to traveling? Where? I don’t know but for sure, I’d love to travel to countries I’ve not been.

12. Open eyes, open ears, open mind and open heart – To all things! Design, friends, situations, people, things, days, food and etc. The idea is to learn from all, good or bad and grow! Grow like never before!

13. Think before I do/say/eat/listen – Do: So that I will not have sleepless nights where I regret things I’ve done or not do. Say: Job 27:4 my lips will not speak wickedness, and my tongue will utter no deceit. Eat: Less harmful food more healthy food! Listen: Do selective listening!


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