One Day Without Shoes

I came across this very meaningful event called One Day Without Shoes – on 8th APRIL 2010, you can raise awareness to people on how important a pair of shoes is to oneself. If you still don’t know, many children in developing countries grow up BAREFOOTED and is vulnerable to cuts and scrapes and have to be on constant keep out on what’s before them.

For many privileged people, owning a pair of shoes is just part and parcel of daily life, well when ONE pair is not enough, I’ve known/seen/heard of people owning tones of shoes and what’s worse, each pair in every colour. No, I’m not saying that this is wrong, well each and everyone has his/her own hobby. But I think then by having that many pair of shoes, one can give back to the society in many ways.

Well, participating in this event, One Day Without shoes on the 8th April 2010 or if you’ll like to purchase a TOMS Shoes and they will give another pair to a child in need – one to one. Do check out TOMS Shoes or their Facebook page or their twitter page for more updates.

It’s sad that there’s no official event created in our country but I think by helping to spread this message is good enough and if YOU can participate in your own tiny way, why not? I’m NOT asking you to go barefoot all day/night long, even if it’s for a few minutes, to experience life without shoes first hand and most importantly, SPREAD THE AWARENESS!

I’d be trying my very best to stay bare footed in the office and if you’re doing so, please do register and document it down. Videos or photos, what ever it may be. Stay footed on the ground!!


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