Udders Ice Cream

I had the chance to drop by Udders last week and I must say their ice creams are really good! I am not sure for the other choices, but just the alcohol choices itself is amazing! I had their Rum & Raisin and Bailey’s & Bourbon ice cream which was filled with flavour and when I say flavour, I really mean it.

Every bit was rum filled raisins, definitely not stingy with their portions, very few ice cream parlour has such generous serving. For the Bailey’s & Bourbon, I was actually a bit skeptical of the mixture? I am a fan of baileys, but bourbon, hmm? To my surprise, it was a very good mix – the sweetness of the alcohol coffee and the bitter strong taste of bourbon!

For all you fans out there, Udders has an ice cream making workshop and it cost $40 per pax. If you’re interested, I would suggest calling the nearest Udders outlets and check when’s the next available date for the course.

a. Learn about the different kinds of ice cream
b. Learn to make ice cream at home using easily available equipment
c. Learn the pros and cons of different home ice cream machines if you want to invest in one
d. Hands on session where everyone gets to make their own ice cream!
e. Ice cream buffet – eat all you can ice creams, waffles, hot and cold beverages.
f. 10% discount for take-away pints for participants after the workshop

To register, do drop by any of the cafes to make payment. The workshop fee is fully refundable if you cancel within 10 days of the workshop.


2 thoughts on “Udders Ice Cream

  1. i actually went for the ice cream workshop. thought that it was disappointing. wasn’t worth the $40 at all.

    they only teach the “rock-salt-plastic-bag” of making ice cream which turned out really bad and yucky. it was just cream, milk and choc sauce. it was really gross…

    1. Oh no! How come?
      It definitely did cross my mind that $40 was a tad pricy to learn how to make ice cream. I’d probably have to let my friends know too, since we were pretty enthu about it.
      Thanks for the advice. ^^

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