I would love to have a day of freedom doing nothing but just roaming around town with a ‘mode of transport’ – it can be on skates, bicycle, car (preferably with an open top) or by foot, enjoying every bit of the breeze and whirl past everything! Letting go of the day’s work and not thinking about ANYTHING! Awesome huh? One needs to recharge once in a while.

Do check out the rest of his videos at He has many other amazing stuff!

13th Witness:

I don’t intend for this to be viewed as just another skate video. I think we tend to forget and lose ourselves in a word filled with competition, money and politics.

It’s not about tripods, rails, or half pipes. nor is it about trying to cram as many tricks into a clip as you can.
This is Beyond that.

This takes it back to the Basics, the reason we all started to do what we do.
For the love of what we do, because it’s a passion, and to put it quite simply, for fun.

This video is meant to take you on a Visual Journey.
My Interpretation of a place i once called Home myself. Tokyo!

Come Follow SHINGO and I, as We cruise the night streets of Shibuya & Harajuku!!

Respect to (TeeNineteen + Carnival)

Thank you for Making this Possible.

Audio Track –
DJ Krush – {Roll & Tumble} – {Krush}


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