Bags by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa (深澤 直人) is a Japanese industrial designer, born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1956. Representative works include MUJI’S CD player (part of the permanent collection, MoMA New York ), the mobile phones “Infobar” and “neon” and the ±0 brand of household electrical appliances and sundries.

Fukasawa is a professor at Musashino Art University and a visiting lecturer at Tama Art University. He has authored such books as An Outline of Design (TOTO) and co-authored others such as The Ecological Approach to Design (Tokyo Shoseki).

Do also check out Naoto Fukasawa’s interview with and get to know him on another personal level. Which I think is pretty interesting, since we always get to only visual feast on his works now knowing how some of his ideas are generated, it made me feel ‘closer’ to him. I personally loved how he answered this question “You have used the name ‘without thought’ as the title of some of your workshops. Can you tell us more about ‘without thought’?

These bags are equally sleek and cool which I would like to get my hands on. No Muji CD Player, then maybe these bags would be good?

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3 thoughts on “Bags by Naoto Fukasawa

  1. Always loved the works of Naoto Fukasawa. His designs are always so minimalistic yet have so much functions behind them!

    If only I knew of where to get these bags…

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