Big Ass (Thai Band) in Singapore

Neverland presents Big Ass ‘Revolution’ Concert in Singapore. 28th April 2010. Pre sale tickets are going at $25 while if you get them at the door, it’ll be $30. You can actually start getting in at around 930PM because based on previous experience, they’ll start at around 10PM – 1030PM and it should end within 2 hours.

But I would recommend that you contact 9298 6541 for more details.

I am still trying to gather friends who might be interested, but very slow response. So hopefully, I’d be able to go!

These are some of my favourite songs from them. Not a huge fan of their heavy stuff but their slower numbers are always the kind where I can sway my head with.

รัก (Ruk –  Love)

คนไม่เอาถ่าน (Kon Mai Ao Tan – Useless person)

พรหมลิขิต (Phrom Likhit – Destiny)

เล่นของสูง (Len Kong Soon)


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