Food With Friends

So the other day the ‘foodie gang’ met for dinner and because of dear Goofy who was working at Tuas found it too far for him to travel to Bugis area, no more steamboat and it became Holland Village. But I think we SHOULD still have a round of some good loving steamboat, YAH?

Knowing Holland Village, it has an array of food to choose from which by the way is a headache. I always eat at either NYC or the Vietnamese place and I definitely needed new places. Twitter to the rescue, which I have to admit is UBER helpful in situations like this, instantly there were a few replies. Thanks for all the suggestions, especially the ice cream place.

We ended up at Ding Tai Fung for (extra light) dinner (think porriage) because we knew that we had to save some space for good deserts and off we went to ‘Everything with Fries‘ (hungrygowhere).

With the (perky, friendly) waitress’s recommendation, we had the Nutella millie crepe, which didn’t disappoint me. It was decked in many layers and the nutella wasn’t too sweet till I got sick, but my suggestion is to share it with a friend, especially if you have had your dinner. I would strongly recommend that you get a drink that’s not too sweet, eg: TEA! It goes very well, as it doesn’t over power each other.

My other friends got the nutella and strawberry milkshake, which was really good! I’m a sucker for milkshakes, so this definitely gets my vote! How could we have not ordered fries right? But I thought our fries (salt and vinegar) was pretty normal, nice but also not that nice for me to rave about. Maybe because we were too ‘pampered’ with our deserts that everything else seems to be normal. I’m definitely giving it another shot the next time I go back, this time, sour cream and onion.

Overall, I had a great time at Everything with Fries, the ambience was good, clean and very friendly staff, which to me is an added bonus + it makes dining enjoyable. I’m looking forward to another visit and this time I’d like to try out their main dishes.

Follow them on twitter @EvrythingwFries for more updates.


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