Monday Flying

Good Monday morning, hope your previous week was good! Mine was filled with ups and downs but despite that, I would say I had an awesome week!

If you have not heard of Monday Flying, don’t fret, it’s never too late to know this new kid on the block *claps*. Monday Flying is an online site with an interest in providing an insight to Asia; Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and etc. I actually like how MF writes their ‘About’ page with this statement in mind – “With an aim in bringing delightful and interesting lifestyle news to you in a timely manner”. Which is what the editor, Stephie Tan, of Monday Flying feels that is lacking in the online scene.

A teeny weeny thing to mention, you can show me some (teeny) support by commenting on my humble contribution (here), not that it’s a big deal, but it’ll help me in writing better articles and also knowing what’s good and bad in the way I write. It’s definitely NOT about me, it’s ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU ALL LIKE!

Ps:The article I wrote was about Scrubb – a Thai music group that is worth listening to. I’d be posting up their videos real soon! Good music is worth every wait! Heheh!

Thank you VERY NICE!


3 thoughts on “Monday Flying

  1. it’s lovely to see this, thank you for taking time to write about Monday Flying and I’m really looking forward to working on more articles with you, Euphe!

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