Thai Women : A Different Portrait

This documentary done by 3 students from Silpakorn University International college, trying to show another vision of Thai women, too often is associated to prostitution or tourism industry. Which in my opinion is absolute rubbish! I know of a few great Thai women which not only excel in their jobs but also as a women, especially a mom to their kids.

I’m glad I came across this ‘documentary’, which not only supports women all over the world but also how women are often seen in a stigma situation. It’s good that these ladies that were interviewed are all awesome people who shows that no job is too difficult for women to handle and I totally salute women who can handle jobs, situations and life well! You have my utmost respect, anytime!

This documentary won 1st Price at the “Young Directors 2008” Contest and I definitely think it deserves it, the topic itself has always been an issue for all women and especially women in Thailand. Kudos to the team who brought light and knowledge.

I hope more of such stuff would be produced!
In order of interview:
Pop Areeya: Former Miss Thailand 2004, Filmdirector.
Manasnit: Music Composer for Jingle Bells.
Amm: Fashion Designer, owner of the brand “Hey! Pilgrim”.
Toto: Artist, Graphic Designer.
Natnalin: Photographer, Bikes Customizers.

The team behind this interview:
Ms Tapanee Phongmaykin ‘Kay’ (3rd year student BBA Hospitality Management, Vatel) : Interviewer, Subtitles
Mr Chanon Ketsuwan ‘Non’ (4th year student BBA Hospitality Management, Vatel): Interviewer, Subtitles
Mr Juldej Dejnoprat ‘Mint’ (3rd year student BFA Multimedia Design) : Cameraman, Editor


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