Scrubb (Thai Band)

Anyways, for those who have read what I wrote for Monday Flying and is still clueless on what Scrubb is about. Here’s a fraction of what they are made up of. I recommend them for office playlist, because they just have this amazing tunes to perk up the grueling day at the office. Hope you’ll like em!

ใกล้ (Glai – Near)

รักกันหนอ (Ruk Kun Nor – Love Them) (Ost. ก็เคยสัญญา)

See Scape

เธอหมุนรอบฉัน ฉันหมุนรอบเธอ (Ter Mhoon Rorb Chun Chun Mhoon Rorb Ter – I revolve around you, you revolve around me)

เพลงของเรา (Pleng Khong Rao – Our Music)

Teaser for 2010 album

คำตอบ (Kam Dtop – Answer)


4 thoughts on “Scrubb (Thai Band)

  1. I can hardly understand what they sing too, just a few words here and there. So I rely a lot on translation and that’s how I learn the Thai words too. I have this problem of being able to identify single words but how do they form into a sentence, I suck at that. I went for Thai classes at a Community Centre but it was just the basis after which I didn’t had time to continue. But at least I know how some of the tones are like.

    My fav is Pleng khong rao. (:

    1. I first learnt Thai when I was in Thailand for 3 mths and when I came back I went for Thai classes at a CC too! But the classes were quite basic but i took it as practise. Want to advanceeee! I heard that they have classes going on at Golden Mile too. Pai rian duay gan mai?

      Pleng Kong Rao = Our song? Did i get it right? hehe

      1. I want to learn how to write and read Thai, because I feel that it’ll be helpful, since most of time I can only understand a word here and there. My grammar + forming of sentences is quite bad – not very used to the idea of ‘thing’ then ‘explanation’. ^^
        Golden Mile is a tad too far for me, I think by the time I head home from class it’ll be way too late. That’s why I choose classes v near my place, but the class kinda disbanded because there wasn’t much peeps left. D:

        If I’m not wrong, Pai (go) rian duay (study) gan mai (want with you?) Hahaha! That’s what I think lah.

  2. Hey! Thanks for sharing the songs. Even though I could hardly catch the words, but while I was in Thailand, I really like some of their music and felt like I could almost understand them! I have quite a few on my playlist too. Share them with you when I get the chance! :)

    I like “เธอหมุนรอบฉัน ฉันหมุนรอบเธอ (Ter Mhoon Rorb Chun Chun Mhoon Rorb Ter – I revolve around you, you revolve around me)” It’s so cute! :D

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