TABsingapore x The Album Leaf

All thanks to TABsingapore for allowing me this 1/1000 opportunity to watch The Album Leaf LIVE! I cannot express how uber duper super happy I am. I’m already so jumpy about it that I cannot sit still! I’d be bringing along Ivy which I know is someone who appreciates their music.

For those who has not heard of The Album Leaf, no fret, it’s never too late. But if you have become and instant fan of their stuff, GOOD NEWS, they would be playing at TABsingapore tomorrow too. I think there might still be tickets available. So click away!

They came to Singapore during the Mosaic Festival in 2007 and being the very poor student then, I could only be contented with YouTube videos, so this time, WINNING a pair of tickets is like HUAT AH! (means strike rich). I remembered my very first encounter with The Album Leaf was “Into The Blue Again” and “Always for you” stuck right to me all day and night. Though a very late appreciator to their music, but as I’ve always said, it’s never too late to like/appreciate good music!

So I really hope they would play this tonight and make me fall madly in love with them, once again! Enjoy!


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