It’s Christmas Real Soon

You know the most important season is approaching is when:

(1) Starbucks Christmas series such as Peppermint Mocha, Hazelnut Frappacino  is out in stores + very the christmas edition of their take away cups.

(2) Christmas decoration is underway and the most prominent feature of the Christmas Trees.

(3) Party emails are starting to circulate around either between friends, office or family.

(4) For some countries, there’ll be snow but in tropic Singapore, the only tell tale sign is that it’s constantly raining. So it’s very important that you bring an umbrella.

(5) It’s also when Christmas songs starts playing at every possible outlet: radio stations, shopping department stores, gigs and even in my mp3 players. Have an ‘ALTERNATIVE’ Christmas!!

(6) And for the very last tell tale sign that Christmas is (almost) here is when you start having this mental image of what to get as gifts for family and friends, be it presents or even a simple handwritten card!

[Image via herehere, here, here, here]


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