New Beginning

[image via flickr]

Recently I asked on Twittervile where can I find good organizers other than moleskins, which I’ve been using for a few years and I thought it’s high time to search for something else. Because I’m very sure there are way funkier organizers out there. Some friends gave me suggestions to get them from Kikki.K, shop at Plaza Singapura that has taken over Action City, Papermarket, Takashimaya’s stationary department, Muji or even DIY my very own organizer.

My take is because it’ll be used for 1 whole year, so I do not want to make any hasty decisions. Hmm, I think the organizer cannot be too heavy in weight, good paper choice – ink proof paper, interesting graphic is a plus, not bigger than an A5 size and most importantly DURABILITY! I had past organizers who decided to fall apart half way through the year and I had no choice but to tape it all up which made it looked like I just brought it through some 1000 miles! ):

Do you have any suggestions?


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