Hello Stranger

Would you fall in love with a complete stranger? Someone who’s name you might not even know? Monday Flying shares more on Hello Stranger, a film from Thailand.

As bizarre as it sounds, Hello Stranger, a recently released Thai movie is making the rounds in the Asian film circuit. The romantic comedy, also known as Kuan Meun Ho explores the process of two destined strangers falling in love.
Inspired by Korean culture and entertainment that has taken the Asian market by storm, Hello Stranger weaves this love story of two vastly different characters and how they are drawn to each other.

Chantawich “Ter” Tanasewi is a football fanatic, videogame nerd, social butterfly, comic lover, tired of love stories and a cynic of love while “Noona” Nuengtida Sopon is Korean soap opera fan, beef lover, devout radio station listener, avid book reader, and homebody.

During the 9 days of Songkran festival in Thailand, they decided to visit Korea during their own trips for various reasons. As they started out the trip being single, but ended up returning together, be prepared for a hearty laugh right through the movie and a good scenic view of Korea.

Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun (the director of Shutter), this is his very first time directing a comedy. ‘Hello Stranger’ is inspired by A Day editor Zcongklod Bangyikhan’s hit novel Song Ngao Nai Korea (Two Shadows in Korea). Nuengtida Sopon, who makes her debut in this film, was selected for this role after winning a competition.

Check out the Hello Stranger’s OST, HERE.

[This was a post I wrote for Monday Flying.]


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